Pastor Robert and Lois Johnson


Rev. Robert J. Johnson is the Senior Pastor of West Michigan Worship Center located in Muskegon Michigan. He formerly served as an Associate Pastor—focusing on the Young Adults, Teens, and Music Departments.   During his pastorate, he has become a sought after marriage counselor and has provided marriage counseling for hundreds of couples. Individuals outside of his congregation have been referred to him by other pastors from the community because of his effectiveness!                                                         


Rev. Johnson is a licensed and ordained minister with the Missionary Church Inc., whose headquarters are in Fort Wayne, IN.  He holds the distinction of being the first African-American pastor credentialed by the Missionary Church Inc. He has provided leadership on the Missionary Church Inc.’s, national General Board for a six-year term.


In addition, Rev. Johnson is an adjunct professor at the Muskegon Community College, providing instruction and guidance to students seeking employment and improving skills related to the same. 


‘Pastor Robert’, as he prefers to be called, is also an accomplished musician with several recordings to his credit. He has been a featured soloist in several international programs including World Vision, and has previously performed with noted musical artists such as Roy Clark, Glen Campbell, Pat Boone, The Osmond’s, Mini Pearl, and others.  His musicianship has allowed him to travel extensively throughout the world and perform as a regular on a nationally syndicated television program, “New Wine” during the 1990’s.


Rev. Johnson attended John Brown University and Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois, completed his undergraduate degree from the latter. He earned a Masters of Ministry Leadership degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary of Cornerstone University. 


His mother is Jeanne Johnson, Vice President of UCW—the lady with the flower in her hair! He currently resides in Muskegon Heights, Michigan, along with his wife of 25+ years, Loistine, daughters Olivia and Rachel, and grandchildren, Jalen and Serenity. 




Lois Johnson is the wife of Rev. Robert J. Johnson, Sr. Pastor of West Michigan Worship Center.  She is the mother of two children, (Rachel and Olivia) and two grandchildren.


Lois grew up in Chicago and as a youth was very active in church (West Lawn), and Circle-Y Ranch.  She refers to herself as a 'Circle-Y girl".


After graduation, she attended Trinity College and soon became engaged to Robert.  They were wed in 1976.


Lois continued her education in the field of early childhood, earning two degrees.  She taught in the Head Start program for over 25 years.  She pursued specialty training in 'High Scope' and became certified as a 'Trainer of Trainers'.

Today she remains active serving in her church along with her husband.  She leads the Worship Team, teaches Sunday school, and directs the children's summer camping program.