Teachia Turrentine 

Teachia Turrentine faced circumstances in her teen and young adult life that were traumatic and devastating, which caused her to realize her need for a Savior.  She accepted Jesus and wholeheartedly embraced Him, and is now dedicated to live for Him.  Giving God the broken pieces of her life, has also given her a unique platform to help other young women.

She is currently a Certified Empowerment Coach who "helps women tap into, navigate through, and govern their 'internal words', in order to create their desired 'external realities'."  In other words, she helps women clarify their stated goals, identify and remove self-inflicted barriers that might hinder their efforts, and helps them to develop a realistic pathway to reaching their goals.  In short, the work she does can be summarized in a quote Teachia lives by:  "Change your thoughts, change your life."  She serves God not only through her profession, but in ministry at Vertical Encounter Church, where Gayle Brannan is pastor.  

Teachia participates in Praise Dance Ministry, Greetings Ministry, Prayer/Intercessor Ministry and, of course, Women's Empowerment Ministry.  She has also been a mentor and leader in several Detroit youth-focused endeavors.  Her personal desire is to travel the world empowering and restoring women.  

She has been married to Jeremy Turrentine for two years, and they have a great desire to be blessed of the Lord to become parents!  


[Editor’s Note:  If you have a daughter or granddaughter who has suffered from depression, other emotional difficulties, and trauma, we encourage you to bring them. They will be given tools that will help them arise and build their lives on a solid, Godly foundation.]